About Us


GLM Capital is a private investment vehicle seeking to acquire and manage a single business, allowing for a smooth transition and stable succession for small business owners.

The inescapable fact is that sooner or later every business must be transitioned, in one way or another. It’s an unavoidable part of life and one that usually carries with it an unfortunate amount of stress, anxiety, and frustration. We’re committed to investing in a company and running it indefinitely. We’re looking decades down the road, not years. Because we have a long term mindset we can be flexible and creative in structuring the transition of your business to suit your needs and timeline. 

Our unique approach seeks to maximize future growth and profitability in an already great company – preserving the legacy you built.

Why GLM?


The success of the business and preservation of your legacy are top priorities. Expect complete dedication and focus on only one business, not a portfolio approach. 

We focus on optimizing operations and sustainable long-term growth. We have a longer time horizon than other buyers, and our principal incentive is to maximize long-term value.


What we are looking for

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